Guerrilla Coffee

There will always be obstacles in your journey.  It takes tenacity, creativity and resiliency to push through.  Today, getting from A to B is not always straight line, and can be a rough and arduous trudge.  Guerrilla Coffee is here to help you reach your goals! Guerrilla Coffee is fuel for your success! #GOGUERRILLA

Guerrilla Coffee is a Revolution Coffee Company original brand. We directly source and import our coffee from Honduras. This means that we aren’t bulk ordering from some random broker hoping that we are getting what they tell us. We personally have eyes on and relationships with the farms we work with. We source only the highest quality arabica beans that are grown in ideal conditions. These beans are then dried and washed in a manner that protects quality and flavor. We then import these beans and roast them to create our three specialty roasts: SICARIO/Dark Roast, SOLDADO/Medium Roast, and ANGELITA/Light Roast.